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Day Care in Boston

Are you the one who takes care of your senior loved one? Do you need some break and spend a little time for yourself? Find the best option for your loved one.

Allow Your Loved One To Have a Day of Fun and Give Your Self A Break

Our adult day care in Boston has planned programs of activities designed for seniors who need supervised care during the day or those who are lonely and isolated. Seniors can socialize and enjoy various activities while receiving health services. And at the same time, as a caregiver, you can have a break from your caregiving duties, and you can have peace of mind, knowing your loved one is a safe place.

We aim to provide seniors an opportunity to engage in various activities outside their homes and receive both mental and social stimulation while receiving the care they need. We would also like to give family caregivers a break to attend to their personal needs or just to rest.

Services Provided by Our Day Care in Boston

Our objective is to enrich your loved ones’ lives, encourage them to be active and healthy, and provide much social interaction. Day care in Boston MA offers the following services:

  • Social Activities

    Participants can enjoy and boost their abilities and well-being at the same time with the activities we provide. We ensure your loved one will be busy and have fun with various activities we provide, such as arts and crafts, mental stimulation games, music entertainment, exercises, discussion groups, holidays and other celebrations, and local outing.

  • Personal Care

    You do not have to worry about your loved ones if they can do their daily activities, such as dressing, walking, eating, and toilet. We have qualified and dedicated staff to assist them in doing such activities.

  • Health Services

    Our team has qualified nurses and other medical staff to give you medical assistance, such as medication dispensing, blood pressure monitoring, vision screening, and hearing checks. We also have programs specialized for those who need more intensive medical or therapeutic services.

  • Nutrition

    We have gathered qualified personnel to prepare nutritious meals for seniors, including those who have special diets. We ensure that loved ones will have healthy and delicious meals while staying with us.

  • Transportation

    Most seniors have trouble traveling; thus, we offer transportation services to transport them to and from the center and for any local events. Your loved ones will not have to go through a complicated process in transporting using public transport, and you do not have to drive them to and from the center and to the events they are going to.

We prioritize the welfare of seniors and their caregivers; therefore, we maintain our services as the best in Boston. Our day care in Boston MA has the services your loved ones need to stimulate their mental ability and socialize with other people of their age.


To know more about our day care in Boston, call us or schedule a visit to our community.